Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lazy Wrestling

Hullo! Mylonious here again...

           A few days ago, a bunch of men Colt and I didn't recognize invaded our yard and dug up the ground! Frankly, I cannot believe mom didn't yell at them because she is always yelling at me for digging holes. But she just watched and let them work while we were busy going from window to window to make sure they weren't up to anything funny. Now, early in the morning, magic water spurts from the ground. 

Because of all of the work out there, our whole backyard is just now that squishy brown stuff and now mom doesn't let us go out to play as much anymore. When she does, she comes with and really tires us out with the ball and sticks and games and SQUIRREL BE RIGHT BACK

Okay hi! Sorry, just saw one of those squirrel monsters in the back and Colt says if we don't chase it and get it we'll never get a cookie again. Where was I? Oh yeah!

So anywhoo, after we played those big scary drops of doom started coming down from the sky, and like I always do I ran to the door yelping because I'm pretty sure if I get wet my fur will fall off. 

We came back inside and I still wanted to play but I was tired and so was we did the best we could. Mom calls it "Lazy Wrestling"

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