Monday, May 20, 2013

Mopey Mom

Mom has been moping around all day today calling herself the "Worst Dog Mom Ever". It must have something to do with the Drawer of Doom--you know, the scary drawer that has all of the flea and tick lava, the bath accouterments and the horrible horrible paw nail clippers (which is what she brought out!)

She went for Colt first--Thank Scooby above! I of course ran away and peed on the stairs even though mom was no where near me with the clippers. Then I camped out on my chair and hid my paws.

Anywhoo, Mom started chasing Colt and cursing him because he was running away and getting blood all over the carpet. Apparently Mom cut his nail a little too short and was out of Quick-Stop! I don't know if you've ever had your paws clipped too short, but when it starts to bleed it just does not stop. 

Eventually Mom caught Colt after he trailed blood all over house and get him bandaged up... 

But he kept chewing at it so he had to wear the Cone of Shame..NeeNerNeeNerNeeNer!

But he just cuddled with Mom the rest of the afternoon and she gave him so much love! She even started crying and apologizing. We tried to tell her that it happens all the time...even the vet does it! She just needs to get some quick-stop for next time. Colt said it didn't even hurt.

Now Mom is crawling around cleaning the floors complaining about people coming this weekend and having bloody floors... sometimes I just don't understand my humans. I'm just sitting down on my chair relaxing.

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